Sarah Amir 

On Questions 

The short film is a projection of the on going struggle to find answers and questions which arise due to our human experience. The film explores the need to question matters of life and our surroundings. The film goes into finding possible answers/paths to the question "where did we come from", these paths being the spiritual, the practical and the scientific as they represent the most prominent influences of mine and the paths which we constantly shift between. The paths conclude that the question will remain with infinite possibilities as the answers will never give end to the question because in their nature they are not absolute and are in constant change. The project is a process of self reflection and questioning, in a way as a promise made to myself to continue on exploring paths for my questions and also a means of documentation for my reflections on the questionings at this point in time in relation to my current experience. 

"I wish to find and use mediums in order to continuosly express and reflect upon critical issues of human nature, history, change and the driving forces behind these elements, in such a way as to move people and question their/our collective perspectives on these matters. I wish, as an artist, to find and reflect new realities in my work as I believe that great works are driven by continuous questionings of one's surroundings".