Nini Ayach is a French-American interdisciplinary artist and art manager based in Cairo. Her work is informed by performance art, puppetry, and video art and often focuses on social and political themes.












Curatorial Statement

"Without expressly having this intention, all of my selection ended up being entirely composed of pieces by directed/made by women.  Perhaps these films resonated with me as a woman living in Cairo. What touched me about these films was their way of articulating a subjective experience, as well as the direct and honest tone that I found in them. 

Several of these films, such as Girl, and A Good-looking Woman is Required for Employment, directly focus on the women’s experience in Cairo.  They express the daily assault of harassment and judgment that women face.  I chose to include my own piece El Arosa, as I felt it provided a more abstract counterpoint to some of the themes that were brought up in the other films. 

A connecting factor that struck me in most of these films are the subjectivity and sincerity that they express… both Catharsis and On Questions employ a voice-over of a train of thought, inviting us into these women’s minds and wanderings.  Even in the more abstract piece, Gold Light Across, I was struck by the same pensiveness and thoughtful tone.

I hope that you enjoy being invited into these internal monologues, and will share a moment of questioning and thoughtfulness alongside them.  Through these women’s eyes, I aim to share not only an idea of not only the city of Cairo, but of the lives and struggles that inhabit it. "

- Nini Ayach